Doorways to Grace & Beauty

blog 24 aprilI tend to make things complicated, at least initially, despite my best efforts and protestations to try and get to “the simplicity the other side of complexity”1.

So it’s a joy when the simple beauty of a living system reveals itself.

Like a field of buttercups and daisies, an embellishment of yellow glory waiting to be seen and appreciated, or in fact not waiting for anyone, just offering their temporary glory for anyone who cares to see.

And that was me, for once, on day two of a six day silent retreat in North Wales.

Until that afternoon I had been largely ignorant of the names of wild flowers so the joy was of crouching, in fact kneeling, besides my new found friends and finding out their names, at least their English and Latin names. And besides knowing their names, a feeling that we are connected, fellow living beings, both products of a 4.5 billion year story of evolution. Here for a brief moment to offer our glory. The buttercup and the daisy do that freely, unselfconsciously, withholding nothing.

We humans can be more reluctant, withholding our gifts and indulging in all manner of other games by which we obscure our glory, to everyone’s cost and loss.

And yet, the doorway to grace and beauty is always open, waiting for us to see it and step through…



  1. An excerpt from a longer quote by Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr: “I couldn’t give a fig for the simplicity this side of complexity, but I would give my life for the simplicity on the other side of complexity.”


One Response to Doorways to Grace & Beauty

  1. sharon usher says:

    how lovely, thankyou – yes, the flowers the flowers :o)

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